Repair projects

Apart from repairing everyday double bass wear and tear, we are always engaged in a number of extensive repair projects of old, valuable basses. By clicking the buttons above you can seeĀ  images of some projects we did. A regularly used repair method is the curvature correction without plaster mould.
Owing to a specially developed method, we are able to bend a misshapen or warped top back into shape without making use of a plaster mould (exterior mould). To achieve this, we apply a limited amount of moisture to the top and then gently warm it to a temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius. Doing so allows the top to be coaxed back into its original shape. Our method is less taxing to the varnish compared to the traditional plaster mould-based method, and is faster and cheaper as well.

Gracino-bass 1655 (ex. Adrian Beers)

Scroll B.S. Fendt

Worm affected scroll