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Double basses

Some of the basses we have for sale:

4-String instruments

English double bass, built in London by the John Betts workshop around 1820. Stringlength 103cm. Certificate available
Italian doublebass, built in Northern Italy around 1900, flat back. Stringlength 107cm. Dendrochronogical report available.

Mittenwald model, built by J.Preyer in 2024, arched back made of poplar, one piece, slap cut top. Stringlength 104,5 cm
Mittenwald Model, built by J. Preyer in 2020, flat back, stringlength 103cm, sold

Violin model, built in 1975 by Guiseppe Lombardi in Dovadola, Northern Italy. Nr.3. Arched back poplar, slap cut top. Stringlength 109cm

Violin model, built by Aristide Cavallo in Cremona, 1902. Stringlength 100cm

Italian bass, built by G. Pareschi in 1977, arched back, stringlength 104,5cm

Gamba model, built by Max Pöllmann in Markneukirchen 1966. Stringlength 106cm

Viennese bass, built in Romania. Stringlength 104.5cm
Austrian doublebass attributed to Nicolaus Leidollf, Vienna, around 1690. Stringlength 105cm
Dendrochronogical report available.

German doublebass, made by Andreas Wilfer in 2015, flat back made of poplar, stringlength 104cm

Mittenwald Bass, Neuner Hornsteiner, perfect condition, built around 1860, stringlength 103cm

5-String instruments

Doublebass made by Jürgen Preyer in Arnhem, 2020. Stringlength:106cm, sold

German bass, built in Saxony around 1870. Flat back. Stringlength 108cm

English bas made by William Booth in Leeds around 1830. Stringlength: 107cm.

German doublebass, made by Philip Rieger in Mittenwald, 1920. Stringlength: 113cm

Dutch bass, built by J. Bachmann, Amsterdam in 1868. Stringlength 108cm
Double bass built by Domenico Busan in Venice, 1749, slab cut top, back and sides pearwood, stringlength 108cm

German doublebass, built around 1900 in Saxony. Top not original. Stringlength 107,5cm

 Paul Claudot, built in Mirecourt, France, around 1860, 5-string, stringlength 109cm

Italian bass, made by Domenico Tomassini in Viterbo, 1956. String length: 103.5cm
Viennese bass, built in Romania, setup for Viennese tuning. Stringlength 105cm