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Double basses

Some of the basses we have for sale:

Italian bass, built by Valentinus Danza, Treviso, in 1816. Stringlength 105.5cm

Bass made by Jürgen Preyer, Arnhem, 2011. Stringlength 105cm

French bass,built by Pillement in Mirecourt. Stringlength 107cm

Spanish bass, built by Altimira, Barcelona, around 1860. Stringlength 103cm
German bass made by Carl August Glier Senior, in Markneukirchen around 1880. Stringlength 108cm
Dendrochronological analysis report available.

Viennese bass, built in Romania. Stringlength 104.5cm
Viennese bass, built in Romania, setup for Viennese tuning. Stringlength 105cm

Italian bass, built around 1800, back and sides made out of poplar. Stringlength 102cm

Czech bass, built by Jan B. Vavra in Prague in 1909,  stringlength 103cm

French bass, Mirecourt, built around 1880. Stringlength 106cm

Italian bass, built by Lorenzo Ventapane, Napoli in 1830. Stringlength 109.5cm

Italian bass. Stringlength 105.5cm, Napels around 1900

French bass, built in Mirecourt around 1900. Stringlength 106.5cm

Romanian bass, built 2012. Stringlength 105cm

German bass, built in Saxony around 1880, stringlength 107cm

Dutch bass, built by J. Bachmann, Amsterdam in 1868. Stringlength 108cm
Czech bass
built by František Zakopčanik in Luby u Chebu, 1982,  stringlength 105.5cm